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Budget Blog: Thoughts from a working mum

The Budget 2013 Photo: Peter Byrne/PA Archive/Press Association Images

George Osborne started by saying this was for the hardworking people!

Good start we will see...

All I wanted out of this budget was a bit of fairness and I think this has been achieved.

The main plus points for me were the Income tax threshold tobe raised to £10,000 by next year and the planned fuel duty rise scrapped.

I feel that finally the ‘hard workers’ are being supported.

I agree with the bedroom tax – (I think I am right in saying those in the armed forces and students won’t be affected) and if that’s the case then yes why should people have a ‘spare room? I don’t have a spare room. My girls share a bedroom.

I strongly disagree about the offer of childcare to those parents who work. Not that this affects me however how can he justify discriminating against children whose parents choose to stay at home with them? If this is to happen it should be for all children!

All in all not bad results.

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