In detail: Lincolnshire election results breakdown

Counting took place overnight in Lincolnshire Credit: PA

The Tories were held to "Ransome" as a mother and two daughters celebrated three gains in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Sue Ransome, 61, and her daughters Felicity and Elizabeth Ransome, 27 and 26, gained three seats in tonight's elections in Boston.

The mother of four took the Boston East seat with 675 votes while Felicity took Boston Coastal with 826 votes and Elizabeth took Boston Fishtoft with 837 votes.

Her husband Ron stood for Boston South, along with their daughter Jodie Sutton, 36, in Boston Rural - both came second.

Speaking after the results, Mrs Ransome, who had her fingernails painted in her party's colours, said: "I'm elated. Fed-up with always being the bridesmaid and never the bride so now finally I'm the bride."

Two more Ukip candidates - Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright and Bob McAuley - also took Boston North West and Boston West respectively from the Tories.

It was a stunning night for the party, which won five of seven Lincolnshire County Council divisions and a Boston Borough Council by-election.

The party began the night with no seats but managed to unseat many Tories including Peter Bedford, who is also leader of the borough council.

It was a night of losses for the Tories, who went into the polls with six of Boston's seven county seats and managed to hold on to just one, with their candidate Mike Brookes clinging on by 12 votes in Boston Rural.

And there was more bad news for the Conservatives as Ukip's Bob McAuley took both the Boston West county ward and the Staniland South borough council by-election.

Meanwhile, independent Alison Mary Austin gained the Boston South ward with 889 votes.