VIDEO: The fans that rocked alongside The Boss!

Bruce Springsteen's show lasted more than three hours Credit: ITV News

Of the 13,500 fans that packed out Leeds Arena for Bruce Springsteen's historic visit to Leeds, a lucky few were actually picked out by Bruce and invited onstage.

The Kalirai family from Leeds held up a sign saying: "Be The First - Dance With A Family!" - and that's exactly what Bruce did.

  • He helped each of the girls up individually, before running to a separate part of the stage to help the mum up, then to another part of the stage for Dad. They then spent several minutes dancing alongside him while he played "Dancing In the Dark". See the interview with the family above.

He also singled out 12-year-old Tadhg Collins from Guiseley during the song "Waitin' On A Sunny Day". He helped Tadhg on stage and got him to sing the chorus - even getting the E Street Band to break it down so Tadhg could be heard. See an interview with him and his Dad Tim, below.