Is family life harder than 20 years ago?

More than half of people in our region think family life is worse than 20 years ago Credit: Press Association

Over half of people in Yorkshire believe that family life is harder now than it was twenty years ago. A poll's revealed 42% think today's children will have a worse life than theirs.

In a poll conduced by YouGov 61% of people in our region say public services should be aimed at families, with 36% saying they need to change dramatically.

Many people also believe a range of public services are not family friendly, with only 3% judging job centres as family friendly and just over a quarter (27%) judging childcare services to be family friendly.

The charity 4Children is calling on the Government to look at its policies including;

  • a major overhaul of support for vulnerable families, including local, joined-up early help

  • a commitment to family friendly planning and public spaces

  • a major house building programme of affordable and social housing

  • local, joined up help in every community through Children and Family Centres and Hubs for children 0-19 and their families

  • a comprehensive universal childcare guarantee from 0-14

  • part-time and flexible working to become the norm including flexible maternity and paternity leave