Sunday's in-depth 5 day forecast.

Flooding near York. In spite of a quieter, drier day, groundwater flooding remains an issue. Credit: Kerrie Greenfield

A welcome break in the weather today as a ridge of high pressure pulled in. The new week looks like being changeable, mostly frost free and breezy at times, but just the 'normal' sort of weather you'd expect for February. Nothing as aggressive as there has been over the past few weeks.

Having said that, there is still a lot of groundwater to concern us - check the escalation of any flood warnings which remain in force for the region on the Environment Agency website - this site is updated every fifteen minutes.


Mainly dry and bright with good sunny spells and lighter winds than yesterday, gentle-moderate westerlies, temps around average at 6-8c.

With the lighter winds and extra sunshine, it shouldn't feel too bad.


Sunday evening starts fine and clear, dry and chilly. Clear spells give rise to frost and an odd icy patch for a time, but temperatures actually start to rise through the night as cloud pushes in from the W/SW ahead of a band of showery rain. Lows 0-4c.


Mainly dry until later in the day, some light rain or drizzle east of the Pennines later. Generally dull, damp, cloudy. Breezy with heavier showers over the Pennines later in the day.

Temperatures 8c tops, but fairly academic.

Monday night will be cloudy with quite a few bits of rain around. Breezy, but no real problem with temperatures, lows 3-5c.


Cloudy, damp start as the remnants of Monday night's rain linger. Brightening later. Bit breezy, moderate-fresh. Turning mostly sunny with just a few showers, tops 9c 48f.


Damp start, brightening later, odd showers, lighter winds. Temps 9c 48f.


Lots of cloud around, but also some bright spells - further bits of rain at times. Temps 9c 48f.

Only a couple of weeks now until the meteorological start of Spring!