Two-tone lobster 'Harley Quinn' gets stunning new coat

Harley between two or his previous shells

An extremely rare lobster has shed its old shell to reveal a stunning new colour scheme.

The one-in-fifty-million lobster was caught near Bridlington in 2010 and deemed too rare to be served up for tea.

Instead, he was given pride-of-place in a display at Scarborough Sea Life Centre, where staff have been serving him dinner every day since.

Two-tone lobster Harley was named after the medieval jesters famed for their bi-coloured costumes.

The similarity is enhanced by the fact that Harley’s unusual pigmentation swaps sides when it reaches his claws.

Harley's colours swap sides at his claw

Unusual blue, red, albino and even yellow lobsters have made headlines in the past…but Harley is thought the most unusual yet…a 50-million-to-one mutant.

Growing steadily, Harley has just shed his unique armour for the second time since his arrival, and his keepers were delighted to see that his new suit is his most spectacular yet!