Not for TV: Cellino's best bits

Massimo Cellino

As part of his first major interview since taking over at Leeds United, Massimo Cellino spent time with us explaining the intricacies of owning the club.

As well as talking about manager Brian McDermott, the club's playing staff and finances and plans to buy the stadium and training facilities, the Italian had a few typically eccentric moments to share.

Here we have collected a few of his best bits, some of which did not make it on TV.

Cellino on his superstitions surrounding the colour purple and number seventeen:

Next up the Italian compares Leeds United to an aeroplane struggling to take off, despite his best efforts as pilot:

Unlike real aeroplanes though, Elland Road's office windows are the Italians favourite spot for a cheeky smoke and Cellino says he might be a "good virus" for the club:

An Italian in Yorkshire, he loves it here and even thinks Britain are odds on to win World War Three if and when it ever happens. True to form, he has a Ferrari, but he agrees that some occasions call for a more modest Fiesta, and he definitely pays the tax on his boat:

He's really a nice guy though, and loves to cook pasta with his son: