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Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust: Savile report "profoundly shocking"

The trust which runs Leeds General Infirmary where Jimmy Savile carried out years of abuse says the report is "profoundly shocking".

Leeds General Infirmary Credit: Press Association

Speaking today the Trust's Chief Executive Julian Hartley apologised to victims and pledged his commitment to acting on the report's 31 recommendations for improvement in the hospital.

I want to take this opportunity to emphasise to our patients, their families and members of the public that the way hospitals in Leeds operate today is very different from the accounts included in the report, with a much greater focus now on security, safeguarding and raising concerns. The Board at Leeds Teaching Hospitals is committed to learning from the findings of this report and ensuring we have the highest standards of safeguarding and security in place.

The report is clear that there is no one person at the hospital who is to blame for what happened, other than Jimmy Savile.

The important thing for us now is to learn from this report, and ensure arrangements are in place for any patient, member of staff or the public to report any issues of concern without embarrassment or fear.

– Julian Hartley, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust chief executive

The report made 31 recommendations which Mr Hartley said the Trust were dealing with:

We have much improved security in and around our patient areas including locks on wards, card access systems and a large network of CCTV cameras in place and we encourage staff to actively challenge unusual activity and visits.We promote a culture of openness and patient safety and have strengthened our arrangements to encourage staff at all levels of the organisation to speak out and raise concerns, however small they may seem at the time. Myself and the senior team spend much of our time on wards and in departments across all our hospitals including the Leeds General Infirmary, speaking to patients, staff and visitors.VIPs and celebrities do not have open access in and around the hospitals and instead are registered at every visit and accompanied at all times.We have significantly strengthened our internal controls to minimise risks to patient safety including much improved arrangements to protect adults and children in our care, enhanced employment checks for frontline staff and volunteers and a more robust approach to how we manage risk.

The Department of Health described Savile's years of abuse as "depraved activity" and that checks to prevent him taking on a managerial role at Broadmoor Hospital in 1988 were "wholly inadequate".

Jimmy Savile Credit: Press Association

On behalf of the previous Department of Health and Social Security, and Department of Health, we are deeply sorry that inadequate processes in 1988 enabled Jimmy Savile to occupy a position of authority that he used to abuse his victims at Broadmoor Hospital. The Department of Health accepts that the procedures in 1988 were wholly inadequate for checking whether Jimmy Savile was a suitable person to be given a managerial role.

– Una O’Brien, Permanent Secretary of the Department of Health

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