Maze grown in the shape of Brian Blessed's face

Brian Blessed with a plan of the maze

Brian Blessed is in Yorkshire to open a gigantic maze dedicated to the county.

The maze, designed using an 18 acre field with one million living maize plants, contains images of three Yorkshire legends - Brian Blessed, Geoffrey Boycott and Jeremy Clarkson.

Blessed insists though that his is the most fetching of the three faces:

Blessed, who took a helicopter tour of the maze said: "Its a giant idea. I love any opportunity to come to Yorkshire and this project is amazing! To be invited to come to Yorkshire where my soul belongs and see my face in a giant maze with Geoffrey and Jeremy is a tremendous honour.

I always say that Howarth is the centre of the Earth, but I may possibly have to change that and say that this York Maze is the centre of the Earth."

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