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Remembering your family heroes who died in WW1

Events are taking place across the region to commemorate the start of the Great War and remember those were killed in action. We have been asking you to share some of your family memories of loved ones who died in World War 1.

Christine Pemberton from Hatfield remembers her father Wilfred Gordon Smith Credit: Christine Pemberton

"Not only today but numerous times I think about my grandfather, who died in WW1 and my father who died because of WW2. My grandfather Wilfred Gordon Smith was 40 when he died in 1917 at the battle of the Somme. He left three children. One son aged 7 my father Wilfred Gordon Smith

My husband and I along with my mother later visited Vimy Ridge the trenches, tunnels and craters. We also visited the War graves and the battle of the Somme Monument. Looking at each pillar filled from top to bottom with the names of all those fallen hero’s. We came across my grandfathers name Wilfred Gordon Smith. I cannot express in words my feelings.

In 1948 because of his involvement in WW2 my father Wilfred Gordon Smith died aged 40 Leaving behind a son aged 7. He and my mother also had a little girl aged 18 months. My father knew my mother was expecting when he died but my mother didn’t know she was having twins until she was 7 months and my father died when she was 6 months. - I was one of the twins. At 38 my mother was a war widow with four children to bring up on her own."

– Christine Pemberton
Joanne Dunford remembers her great uncle Sergeant William Blakey who is buried in France.

"My great uncle sergeant William Blakey died in action. He's buried in France also but we have a memorial in our village to all the fallen. I'm very proud to say my great uncle went above and beyond his duties for his country, family and friends. And I will never forget! Rip to all past and present service men"

– Joanne Dunford
Allison Wood's great uncle Alfred Hill who died coming back from tunnelling Credit: Allison Wood

"Alfred Hill left a wife and three children. He was a miner in Yorkshire. He died coming back from tunneling. This was my grandfathers brother. Also my grandmother lost her brother William who was held prisoner of war, only to end up dying on foreign land from the Spanish flu. She also lost an uncle Evelyn. They lived in and around elsecar and Wentworth Yorkshire."

– Allison Wood

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