UKIP's biggest donor, the Yorkshire multi-millionaire Paul Sykes, is not planning any further donations to the party, saying they should become 'self-sufficient' after the general election.

Mr Sykes, who is thought to be worth £650m, has been supporting UKIP financially for over a decade. But speaking at his home near Ripon, he said rising membership and subscription fees mean that after the general election his help will 'not be needed'.

In a rare interview, the businessman told ITV Calendar's Political Correspondent Paul Brand he may have employed immigrants in the past.

And despite Nigel Farage criticising rising immigration today on Twitter, Mr Sykes admitted he wouldn't rule out employing foreign labour again.

In an attack on the Labour party, he said Ed Miliband was 'still looking for his parents' and behaved more like 'a student' than a future Prime Minister.

With UKIP third in opinion polls, he ruled out a coalition between his party and Labour after the general election.

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