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Grimsby MP's movie pledge to 'set the record straight'

A Grimsby MP has challenged film maker and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen saying his latest blockbuster is not a fair portrayal of the town.

The Ali G, Borat and Bruno star's next project is set in Grimsby and is the latest in a series of TV and film ventures to highlight the town negatively.

One of the area's MPs, Austin Mitchell, says he is going to make a film showing Grimsby's better side.

Of Cohen's film, Mr Mitchell said: "I'm dreading it, it'll do no good for Grimsby's public image. You've got to be proud to live in Grimsby, it's a lovely place with good people and it's a wonderful place to live."

Mitchell's answer to Cohen's film is a proposal to make a film called "Great Grimsby" showing "all the good things there are in Grimsby to set the record straight."

The film's producers have not yet responded to requests from ITV Calendar for a response.