New lead in Ben Needham case after Calendar helps Greece's biggest TV show

Ben Needham who went missing from the Greek island of Kos 24 years ago

A new lead has emerged in the case of Ben Needham after "Calendar" helped one of Greece's biggest TV shows.

Alpha TV's "Light At The End of the Tunnel" which tries to reunite missing families, asked for our help in last Friday's programme, which is broadcast live for three hours across the country and its islands.

Producer Mark Witty, who has been involved with the case since Ben's disappearance from Kos in July 1991, answered questions , on a website link , about the investigation and asked for anyone with information to come forward.

This was reiterated by Ben's mum Kerry, who recorded an interview via the internet which was played to millions of viewers on what is one of the country's most popular shows.

During the programme a Greek businessman, based abroad, contacted the show to tell researchers he knew the name of the family allegedly involved in Ben's abduction. He was passed the name in prison while he was in custody on financial charges relating to his business.

In an email to the Greek show, which Calendar has seen and verified in a phone call to the businessman, he says the family he names were selling fruit in Kos, were passing by, and "stole the boy and covered him under boxes of fruit. That’s how they were able to leave the island."

The caller said he had been affected by the recent death of a relative, and knew the pain the Needhams were feeling at the loss of Ben.

Calendar producer Mark Witty being interviewed on Alpha TV's Credit:

Presenter Angeliki Nikolouli , who has invited Calendar on the programme twice before, featured the case three times during the programme. After the first appearance in July 2011, a retired gynaecologist came forward, saying he had met a young boy at his hospital in Larissa in 1992 who spoke to him and said "hello - my name is Ben". The boy, who was described as a blonde "tourist boy" was with a woman that the doctor knew could not have children.

The latest information from the Greek TV show has been passed to South Yorkshire Police

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Mark spoke on the programme earlier to give this update: