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Victory for Leeds' disabled groups over blue badges

Dozens of charity groups across the city of Leeds are celebrating a victory after the City Council overturned a ruling on disabled blue badges.

It comes after a group which provides vital transport for the elderly and disabled in Otley were told they no longer qualified for a disabled blue badge for parking their bus.

The service provides valuable assistance for elderly people

Without it, Otley Action For Older People's bus ran the risk of either incurring heavy fines or making their clients - some in their eighties and nineties - walk or be pushed in wheelchairs even further to their transport.

But Leeds City Council today told Calendar it had had a change of heart and the groups like the one in Otley would after all get their blue badges.

Without a blue badge vehicles face fines

The charity ferries older people in the town to the shops, to luncheon clubs and quizzes and even away on short breaks.

The group were surprised earlier this month to find out the new legislation which meant the badges would no longer be assigned to vehicles, but instead to individual users and their blue badge would not automatically be renewed.

The group started a campaign against the decision - gathering hundreds of names on a petition and today at Civic Hall in Leeds there was a change of heart.

Older people across Leeds depend on similar services

They have now decided to reverse their decision, which is welcome news to Otley Action For Older People along with many other similar groups across the city.

Watch as ITV Calendar's Chris Kiddey breaks the good news to Otley Action For Older People: