The detective leading the hunt for missing York chef Claudia Lawrence has told ITV that he has already arrested one person for obstructing the course of justice' and will continue to arrest people if police "believe they're lying."

In a candid interview with ITV, DI Dai Malyn said that the investigation was "not a stunt" and that he believes "there is information out there" about Claudia Lawrence's disappearance.

He said police were searching an alleyway behind Claudia's house for jewellery or any signs that she may have been there.

The 35-year old chef from York went missing six years ago.

We've searched it before, but there's no harm in revisiting it.

Dai Malyn, North Yorkshire Police

Police are looking for a piece of jewellery from Claudia or anything that may give them a clue about the investigation.

Chris Kiddey reports: