Diagnosing the NHS: Patients quiz the politicians

Patients and carers have come together to ask candidates in the upcoming General Election how they plan to improve the NHS.

Health is swiftly becoming one of the key issues as the election approaches as politicians on all sides outline their plans for the NHS.

But what do patients, their families and those who work in the health service think needs to be done?

So we asked a group of voters to put their questions to four people hoping to become MPs. Our political correspondent Paul Brand reports on their diagnosis of the NHS:

Patients and carers came together to ask candidates in the upcoming General Election how their parties plan to improve the NHS.

Judith, Anne and Dorcas put questions to:

  • Andrea Jenkyns PPC - Conservative, Morley and Outwood

  • Paula Sheriff PPC - Labour, Dewsbury

  • Victoria Ayling PPC - Ukip, Grimsby

  • Helen Flynn PPC - Liberal Democrat, Harrogate and Knaresborough

Elderly Care

After her mother was diagnosed with dementia, Judith Clint found several care homes were unable to meet her needs. She asked candidates if they could ensure care standards would be uniform across the country.



Anne Chitty knows the NHS well - she has been a nurse since 1978. But when she was taken in as an NHS patient, Anne was disappointed with the care she received and asked the candidates how they could ensure "frontline workers in the NHS have the time to care".


On the future of nursing, Dorcas Lambert, a final year nursing student at Bradford University, asked


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