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Constituency profile: Bradford East

In the last election votes were mainly split between Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats in Bradford East.

Since then we've seen also a rise in support nationally for UKIP and will soon learn how that's affected the vote between the other main parties.

Adam Fowler has been to Bowling Old Lane Cricket Club:

Results in 2010:

  • Liberal Democrats: 13,637 (33.7%)
  • Labour: 13,272 (32.8%)
  • Conservatives: 10,860 (26.8%)
  • BNP: 1,854 (4.6%)

The 2015 candidates:

  • David Ward (Liberal Democrats)
  • Imran Hussain (Labour Party)
  • Iftikhar Ahmed (Conservatives)
  • Owais Rajput (UKIP)
  • David Stevens (Green Party)

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