MP reveals 'colourful' manifesto to cure 'fragmented, monochrome Britain'

Labour MP issues manifesto for 'a brilliant Britain' Credit: Press Association

Labour MP for Bassetlaw, John Mann, has issued a manifesto to tackle what he calls a "fragmented" and "monochrome" Britain.

Yesterday, the MP, published a letter in which he criticised his party for its loss at the general election and the policies and approach of former leader Ed Miliband.

He said Labour lost the election because it wrongly sees politics as "linear" and had "grey" policies.

Today, Mr Mann has released his manifesto for "a brilliant Britain" in which he outlines his prescription of how Labour can go about winning future elections.

In it he suggests the NHS should be paid for exclusively through national insurance contributions, the level of which "should be altered accordingly and increases offset by other tax reductions".

Mr Mann describes how dementia and elderly care should be developed, defends the maintenance of the armed services, calls for integrated emergency services, proposes a change to taxation and blasts multi-national corporations for "strangling" high streets. He says politicians should not "tinker" with schools and the NHS, instead leaving their running to teachers and doctors.

The Bassetlaw MP tackles immigration and proposes a renegotiation of EU treaties ("I would like the ability to travel anywhere I damn well want"). He declares, "In my Britain, we will tackle historic child abuse head on."

He finishes by saying Britain should "free families to spend quality time together," and proposes legislation to allow for extended leave at times of family crisis, to ensure public services are flexible around modern working hours and says the household family should be complemented by a "community family of neighbours".