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Boardman: Cycling investment is a "no-brainer"

A former professional cyclist is increasing pressure on the government to fulfil pre-election promises to turn Britain into a cycling nation.

Chris Boardman during the 1998 Tour de France Credit: Press Association

Chris Boardman, who is British Cycling's policy advisor, has invited the Transport Minister Robert Goodwill to Copenhagen to witness first hand how important cycling infrastructure can be.

In a speech later today, Boardman will argue that Mr Goodwill, who he describes as a "good friend of cycling," must fulfil pre-election promises and deliver "meaningful progress".

Boardman will say:

A fortnight before the election, the Prime Minister wrote to me outlining his personal and political commitment to making Britain a ‘cycling nation’ and to double the number of journeys cycled by 2025. A majority Conservative Government was returned and Robert Goodwill reiterated those promises at the Dutch Embassy three weeks ago. You [Mr Goodwill] have the evidence, you have the mandate, and you have a majority in the House of Commons. We want to help you, and there’s nothing to stop you.

– Chris Boardman

The Olympic medallist and winner of three Tour de France stages will say that for a small investment "the government can solve so many issues...including obesity, pollution and congestion. It really is a no-brainer."

He and the Transport Minister will speak to an audience of 400 people at an Active City Cycle City Conference.