'Learn it man!' - Leeds MP silenced in Parliament over long-winded health question

Greg Mulholland's question was cut short by speaker John Bercow who had already warned him to be brief

Liberal Democrat MP for Leeds North West, Greg Mulholland was told to resume his seat in the House of Commons today after raising a question about funding for rare conditions.

Speaker John Bercow had warned Mr Mulholland to be quick in his statement but after referring to missed decision dates given to families by health authorities, the Lib Dem was told to resume his seat.

Six-year-old Sam Brown from Otley. Sam, who has Morquio syndrome needs Vimazim treatment, mentioned by Mr Mulholland, but NHS England deferred a decision over whether to provide the drug, then last week announced it would wait for guidance from NICE, the health body consulting on the drug.

Mr Bercow later qualified his criticism of Mr Mulholland saying, "For the avoidance of doubt, I hope colleagues will understand I appreciate all honourable members' questions are important...but people can't simply take the attitude their issue is important and so they can take longer because that isn't fair on other members. I'm simply trying to be fair to all members."

Mr Mulholland, in a statement on his website, accused the Speaker of preventing him from doing his job of holding health ministers to account over the "disgraceful way patients and families have been let down by NHS England and by the Health Ministers".