6-year-old blind boy's life 'transformed' by 'echolocation' technique

6-year-old Mason Dzora from Doncaster

A blind boy from Doncaster has had his life transformed thanks to a pioneering technique that helps him to get-to-know his surroundings.

Six-year-old Mason Dzora is having lessons in echolocation - a new method that helps people with visual impairments to 'see' their surroundings by picking up on the sounds they hear. Within just ten minutes of using the technique for the first time, Mason was able to locate the lid of a box.

Mason's parents say the skill will transform their son's life, enabling him go to school independently and travel alone. Mum Lorraine said she was 'a little terrified... but really proud' when Mason managed to walk without holding hands for the first time.

Echolocation allows people with no sight to build a clearer mental image of their surroundings by making a clicking noise and listening to the echoes that come back. Pioneer Daniel Kish has learnt to use the technique in order to ride a bike. He explains how it works:

Mason's family have already raised £2000 towards the cost of echolocation, but say they are spending up to £500 per day. They hope that he will soon be able to go on a hiking and rock-climbing trip in the US, specially-designed for visually-impaired people using the technique.