"If I go to prison, I go to prison, don't I?"

Andrew Shires, 37, turned up at Leeds Crown Court today to be sentenced for an attack that scarred an aspiring dancer's face and left her career "on hold". Click here to see the interview she did with ITV Calendar last month.

In the video above, Shires is asked by our reporter Chris Kiddey why he glassed Chloe Knapton and replies, "reckless behaviour, mate". Asked again he simply says, "overreaction".

Shires pleaded guilty to assault after launching a bottle at her in Holmfirth near Huddersfield in April. It's left Chloe Knapton with damaged nerve endings and prevents her from 'smiling properly.' On the steps of court today she said it's been "very difficult, I've had a lot of bad moments" but she was looking forward to "justice being done".