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Man jailed after admitting to filming fight between dogs and ferret

A man from Brigg has been jailed after admitting to a string of animal cruelty offences in a prosecution case brought by the RSPCA.

25-year-old Guy Capp, from Brigg admitted four offences related to animal fighting at a hearing in Scunthorpe in August. Today, he was sentenced to four months in prison.

Pip after she was found by police Credit: RSPCA

At the hearing in August, Capp admitted to:

  • causing unnecessary suffering to a female brown terrier type dog called 'Pip' and a female black and white bull lurcher type dog called 'Jazz' by failing to provide proper and necessary veterinary care and attention for their wounds and conjunctivitis
  • keeping animals for use or in connection with an animal fight
  • causing unnecessary suffering to a domestic ferret by placing it with a dog to be fought
  • causing an animal fight to take place between a dog and a ferret

He was also ordered to pay £600 costs within 28 days of his release from custody.

Capp filmed the fight between the two dogs and the ferret on his mobile phone - evidence which was used against him in court. The fight lasted three minutes - before the ferret died. The two dogs also suffered multiple injuries to their faces which vets say hadn't been properly treated.

The footage, along with other video clips - one of which shows Pip and Jazz being encouraged to fight over a toy and another showing them pulling a fox from an earth - photographs and text messages, came to light after Capp’s mobile phone was seized by Humberside Police, along with hunting paraphernalia.

Gary Capp was jailed for four months after admitting to the charges Credit: ITV News

The two dogs were found covered in mud and blood, and were confiscated and given treatment for multiple wounds, both fresh and historic.

One of the dogs, Jazz, has since been re-homed, while Pip (below) is still looking for a new home.

Pip is still looking for a new home after recovering from her ordeal Credit: ITV News

Keeping a dog for fighting is a most extreme form of cruelty. The people who keep these animals will create a situation where the animals are generally caused to fight to their death. Both the dog attacking and the animals subject to the attack often end up with severe injuries and in many cases are then not given proper veterinary treatment as a result of the owner’s fear of being reported to the authorities. The animals will therefore often be subject to prolonged and repeated suffering.

– Sergeant Howard Garlick