Sir Patrick Stewart backs organ donor campaign

Sir Patrick Stewart is backing a new organ donor campaign Credit: Press Association

Hollywood and Yorkshire's very own Sir Patrick Stewart has stepped up to support the Yorkshire 'Be a Hero' campaign by producing a video encouraging people to be join the organ donor register.

In Yorkshire alone, there are shockingly around 800 people still waiting for an organ to save their lives. Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust hopes the 'Be a Hero' campaign will raise awareness of the need for donors and inspire more people to take two minutes to sign the donor register.

Sir Patrick Stewart said, "I am delighted to be backing this crucial campaign. Anyone can find themselves in a position where they need an organ, so I would encourage everyone in Yorkshire to take two minutes out of their day, sign the organ donor register and Be a Hero.

"It's remarkable that one person has the potential to save nine lives. Once you've signed up it's really important that you share your wishes with your loved ones, so they know you're on the register."