Hull City owner, Assem Allam, says he would sell the club for as little as £2 million, but only if the offer was right for the club.

Speaking to ITV News, the Egyptian born businessman revealed that he has received several offers for the club, but none of them have met his standards.

There are offers for not what I would call a good home. I'm a local man, I still want the club to do well, and I want the future of the club for the sake of the community.

Assem Allam

Allam put the club on the market after he was unsuccessful in trying to change their name to Hull City Tigers, a move he says would make the club more profitable globally. A move which some sections of the club's support fought vehemently.

Hull City are currently fourth in the Championship, after a good start to the push to return to the Premier League Credit: Press Association

After the move failed, Allam then unsuccessfully tried to buy the freehold of the KC Stadium from Hull City Council. It was at this point he decided to sell.

If I left tomorrow, the club would go bust and I don't want that. I want to stop the club relying on me. When you're a Premier League club, you're global. But in the Championship you're local and relying on gate receipts. So either we go global by changing the name, or I keep pumping money in. It's textbook marketing, the shorter the name, the better the brand.

Assem Allam

In total, Allam believes he has put close to £190 million of his own money into the club since he took it over in December 2010. That figure includes a spending spree on players worth £68 million last season, before the club was relegated from the Premier League, followed by another £22 million this summer. A figure which was offset by the lucrative departures of Robbie Brady and James Chester.

Assem Allam says he will not force the Hull City fans to accept his plans, and will instead move aside Credit: Press Association

Allam says that he is resolved to sell the club, as he is reluctant to keep putting his own money forward, while his attempts to increase it's profitability are blocked. He also claims that he will not make further attempts at changing the status quo:

The fans were at the club before me. Who am I to force the issue? This is a present that I'm trying to give to the community, but saving it from a winding up order, getting it into the Premier League and an FA Cup final. Why should I force them to accept it?

Assem Allam