Hydrogen plant could revolutionise travel

The UK's only wind-powered hydrogen station opened today, off the M1 near Rotherham.

It means cars powered by hydrogen - the Toyota Mirai and Hyndai FCV ix35 - can be fuelled and drive to London and back to Yorkshire without the need for re-fuelling.

The plant, which has its own wind turbine, will be produce green hydrogen on site, taking power from either the turbine or grid. Water will be added and put through stacks of electrolysis fuel cells, which split the H from the O.

The hydrogen is then pushed into cars via a high-pressure nozzle, much like a petrol pump.

Benefits include:

  • It is clean, leaving no emissions other than water vapour

  • Hydrogen fuel can be obtained from many sources

  • It will reduce dependence on oil

  • Other fossil fuels can also be preserved

  • Global warming will be controlled - hydrogen cars will not emit a significant amount of greenhouse gases

Helen Steel reports: