Paraglider's escape: There's a split second where you think 'this is going to hurt...!'

Sam Cullingworth Credit: Sam Cullingworth

Sam Cullingworth has appeared on Blind Date, wrestled naked alongside Tom Hardy, is a champion bodybuilder, and has even written a children's book on grumpiness, but none of those skills were of any use to him when his paraglider failed while 2,000 feet in the air in Turkey and he found himself hurtling towards the ground.

Lucky for Sam, a cedar tree in the mountains broke his fall, coming away with only a few scratches. He owes his escape to the experience of a similar fall nine years earlier where he broke his back in several places.

Safely home, Sam suits up for his next adventure Credit: ITV News

Instead of a trip to the emergency room, Sam called his nearby friends, and had time to reflect while they came to rescue him from his leafy landing spot.

Despite the lucky escape, Sam says he's already itching to get back out into the skies to shake out what he calls, "the collywobbles".

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