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12 of 13 Yorkshire HM Revenue and Custom offices to close

Credit: Press Association

HM Revenue and Customs has announced it will close 12 of its 13 Yorkshire based offices over the next five years.

HMRC’s workforce in the region is currently spread throughout 13 offices, many of which are a legacy of the 1960s and 1970s, which range in size from around 900 people to fewer than ten. By bringing them together in large, modern offices, equipped with digital infrastructure and training facilities, HMRC will support more skilled jobs and varied career paths up to senior levels with less need to move around the country. HMRC expects between 4,100 and 4,400 full-time equivalent employees to work in the Leeds regional centre.

HMRC will close most of its existing offices in Yorkshire and the Humber by 2020-21, as it moves most employees into the new regional centre.

– HM Revenues and Customs

The HMRC say it will do everything it can to help people to find new roles, either elsewhere in the civil service, or outside, in order to minimise redundancies.

HMRC is committed to modern, regional centres serving every region and nation in the UK, with skilled and varied jobs and development opportunities, while also ensuring jobs are spread throughout the UK and not concentrated in the capital.

HMRC has too many expensive, isolated and outdated offices. This makes it difficult for us to collaborate, modernise our ways of working, and make the changes we need to transform our service to customers and clamp down further on the minority who try to cheat the system.

The new regional centre in Leeds will bring our staff together in a more modern and cost-effective building in an area with lower rent. It will also make a big contribution to the economy of the region, providing high-quality, skilled jobs and supporting the Government’s commitment to a national recovery that benefits all parts of the UK.

– Lin Homer, Chief Executive, HMRC

The sites to close are:

  • Bradford (Centenary Court) will close 2020-21;
  • Bradford (The Interchange) will close 2019-20;
  • Grimsby (Imperial House) will close 2020-21;
  • Harrogate (Victoria Avenue) will close 2016-17;
  • Hull (Cherry Court) will close 2020-21;
  • Leeds (Munroe Court) will close 2019-20;
  • Leeds (Castle House) will close 2019-20;
  • Leeds (Peter Bennett House) will close 2019-20;
  • Leeds (Windsor House) will close 2020-21;
  • Sheffield (Concept House) will close 2010-21;
  • Shipley (Accounts Office) may close in 2019-20;
  • York (Swinson House) will close 2019-20.