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Rob Lawrie vows to raise profile of child refugees

Rob Lawrie on the steps of the Boulogne court last week Credit: ITV Yorkshire

A volunteer aid worker from West Yorkshire who was spared a jail sentence after trying to bring an Afghan girl from the Calais Jungle camp to the UK has vowed to keep fighting for child refugees.

Rob Lawrie spoke to ITV Calendar following his return from France last week.

Thousands signed a petition in support of Mr Lawrie, who received messages of support from countries as far away as Russia, China, Argentina and Australia.

Four-year-old Bahar - known as Bru - has relatives in Leeds Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Speaking today, he said he will 'not rest' until the child, known as Bru, is reunited with family members in Leeds.

"Anyone who meets Bru instantly falls in love... she's got those big brown eyes"

– Rob Lawrie

Mr Lawrie has also pledged to raise the profile of child refugees in the camps of northern France, which he described as 'indescribable hell'.

"When I've finished fighting for Bru I will pick another someone to fight for."

– Rob Lawrie, speaking to ITV Calendar

He added that he did not think the answer to the refugee crisis would be to 'open the borders', but he does feel strongly that children in the camp must received an education.

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