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Mum gives birth in car on route to hospital

At just over two-weeks-old, Natalie Whelan's little daughter is a picture of peace and serenity.

However her entrance into this world was anything but. Natalie went into labour in the early hours of Christmas morning at home in Guiseley in West Yorkshire.

The family jumped in the car, but the baby had arrived before they reached Harrogate's maternity ward.

Hospital staff rushed to meet the family with hats and blankets to keep the newborn warm

I was actually quite calm because I was telling myself this isn't happening, I don't want it to be true. I really wanted to get to hospital as I wanted a water birth. I really wanted to get there but I just felt everything coming.

I felt her head come out. But the seat belt was on and I was trying to unbuckle it and pull everything down but by the time I'd pulled my pants down she was out, face down on the car seat.

So my sister reached from the back seat into the front and just grabbed her, put her on my chest for me and my husband called the hospital and said she just delivered the baby in the car so we'll be there in a minute.

– Natalie Whelan

Staff at the hospital rushed to meet Natalie and her family with hats and blankets to keep the baby warm.

The new addition to the family is yet to be named.

My sister said we need to call her Victoria Circle because that's the roundabout we reached. Victoria Circle el Carro because we're Spanish, but more Christmas names I would say, we just haven't decided yet.

– Natalie Whelan