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Britain's thriftiest pensioner's money saving tips

Ilona Richards shops late to get food that has been reduced Credit: ITV News

A woman from Scunthorpe has been labelled as the country's thriftiest pensioner.

Ilona Richards lives off a budget of less than £2,400 a year and boils water in the microwave instead of a kettle to save on her energy bills.

She also asks her friends to bring their own tea bags when they visit her.

She boils water in the microwave instead of a kettle to save on her bills. Credit: ITV News

Ilona has her own blog and wants to share her story her tips to help others who are feeling the pinch to save money.

More of Ilona's top tips for saving include:

  • Write down all purchases in a notebook to identify where you can save
  • Treat yourself - but only if it has a reduced yellow sticker on it
  • Eat your food in date in order to catch it before it goes off
  • Water down fruit juice to make it stretch further
  • Cut your own hair
  • Don't use washing up liquid unless necessary
  • Save bath water for flushing the toilet
  • Use sun cream as a moisturiser all year round

Ilona tends to go food shopping after 7.30pm when stores start knocking down prices. Here's are some tips to how she spots a bargain in the supermarket.