The cat controller: Felix the official pest control manager at Huddersfield train station

Felix the Huddersfield station cat

When staff at Huddersfield train station were looking for a new senior pest controller, there was only one candidate they felt was purr-fect for the job.

Felix the station cat has been chasing away pigeons and mice unoffiically for the past five years - but now she has a job title, a uniform, and twenty thousand followers on social media.

She was brought to the station aged just nine weeks, and she has become a firm favourite with commuters and station staff.

She patrols the station platforms looking for any mice and pigeons that might be lurking around.

Felix on the lookout at Huddersfield train station Credit: ITV Yorkshire

She even has a catflap on the station’s ticket barrier so that he can come and go as she pleases.

Felix has been given a pass, name badge and high-vis vest Credit: ITV Yorkshire

After five years of service, Felix is becoming an international star, garnering interest from as far away as America and China.

The friendly feline usually works the night shift, but she stayed on this morning to meet Victoria Whittam. Click below to watch the full report: