Amal Fashanu: There are other gay footballers out there

Amal Fashanu, the niece of former footballer, Justin Fashanu, says that she knows of gay professional footballers who are afraid to come out due to the negative reception they think they would receive - or how it would affect their careers.

She says that while there has been a shift in attitudes towards homosexuality in sport, the extent of that shift is hard to quantify.

Amal's uncle, who was the first black footballer to command a £1million transfer fee with his transfer from Norwich City to Nottingham Forest in 1981, came out as gay towards the end of his career. He tragically killed himself in 1998.

Fashanu clocked up over 350 appearances in a career spanning almost 20 years Credit: Press Association

Amal says she believes that the culture surrounding football in the UK is blocking gay footballers from going public, but that a change is needed in the sport and in society.

Amal, who has made a film examining homosexuality in sport, spoke to ITV's Christine Talbot as part of an series around the issue, spearheaded by Keegan Hirst: