When Nobby met Nissan: Polar bears meet at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Nobby and Nissan the polar bears came nose-to-nose yesterday as the two-year-olds greeted each other at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Nissan, who arrived at the park last year, bounded in from the 10-acre Polar Reserve to welcome Nobby who had just travelled from Germany to his new home.

They seemed to get on with each other in the water Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

The pair seemed delighted to see each other and be part of a unique grouping of male polar bears that will be crucial to ensuring the long term survival of the species.

Yesterday the new polar pals were enjoying their vast outdoor reserve together - to the delight of visitors.

The park, at Branton, near Doncaster, now has four polar bears; Victor, a 16-year-old, Pixel, aged three, Nissan and now Nobby.

They look like the perfect match Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Nobby will be given time to settle in from his 1,000-mile journey from a Munich Zoo but members of the public will soon be able to see him exploring the purpose-built Polar Reserve, which features pools, caves and rolling terrain that replicates the bears’ tundra habitat.

His transfer from Germany was coordinated as part of the the European Endangered Species Programme for polar bears and was meticulously planned to ensure Nobby was not fazed by the two-day journey.