Thalidomide campaigners demand compensation from the German government

A Thalidomide campaigner from Harrogate believes that demands for compensation from the German Government have moved a major step forwards.

Guy Tweedy says a debate in the European parliament overnight shows the issue is being taken seriously.

Guy Tweedy has long fought for financial help for people like him who were born with deformities because of a German manufactured drug given to pregnant woman in the 50s and 60s.

Mr Tweedy says the money is needed to help many who are suffering added health problems as they approach old age and he wants it to be paid while thalidomide sufferers are still alive.

Mr Tweedy has been to Strasbourg before in what is now a long running campaign to get financial help for thalidomide victims. This latest debate is all about claims that the German government stalled court action in the 60s which would have helped those affected in this country.

Other protests have been aimed at the company behind the drug. A spokesman said that in the UK individuals have received financial support of hundreds of millions of pounds from the Thalidomide Trust, supported by Government and the UK licensee of thalidomide.

You can watch Katie Oscroft's video report below: