More than 40 relatives and friends of two South Yorkshire men missing in the ruins of Didcot Power Station have travelled there to urge the authorities to do more to find them.

The power station came down last month Credit: PA

Ken Cresswell and John Shaw from Rotherham and Christopher Huxtable from Swansea have not been seen since the power station came down as it was being prepared for demolition last month.

Today all three families met at the site to protest against the lack of a search effort for them.

Ken Cresswell is one of the workers who is missing Credit: ITV News

Ken Cresswell's wife Gail and one of his three daughters Sadie, spoke to ITV News as they set off to Didcot:

A fundraising page has been set up to cover the cost of the coach for the families.

The families of Ken Cresswell and John Shaw travelled down on Sunday morning Credit: ITV News

Mrs Cresswell emotionally pleaded for more to be done outside the power station saying:

These men of ours have been trapped in here for three weeks on Tuesday and nobody has done a thing to help them. Not a piece of steel has been moved. Nothing. They're just demolition men from the north according to them and enough is enough. We've got to have them home. They need out of this. They're hardworking men. They've worked down there all this time and this is the thanks they get? Left under rubble all this time.

Ken Cresswell's wife Gail
Ken Cresswell's wife Gail and daughter Sadie spoke outside the site Credit: ITV News

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