Like father, like son for Hull student soldier

A Hull student has followed in his father’s footsteps – by joining the same Army Reserve regiment as his dad.

Private Matthew Neal, 20, from the Kingswood area of Hull, was inspired by his father to join 4th Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (4 YORKS).

He wanted to follow the example of his dad Sergeant Kalvin Neal, 50, who was already a member of East Yorkshire’s Alma Company.

Kalvin is the Company Quartermaster Sergeant at the Army Reserve Centre on Beverley Road – he is also a student at Hull College.

Matthew made his dad proud after completing a training course in Catterick to become a fully qualified infantry soldier in the Army Reserve.

Matthew, who studies at Hull University, said: “I joined the Army Reserve partly because of the example of my dad.

“I also considered joining the Regular Army but with my university course the Army Reserve is the perfect fit.”

“My ambition is to gain new qualifications as possible over the coming year with the aim of become an officer, perhaps in 4 YORKS.”

Matthew, who is also a part-time Ambulance Care Assistant with YorMed Independent Ambulance Service, joined the Army Reserve in November 2014.

His dad, Kalvin joined the Territorial Army in 1983 and after a five-year break re-joined in 1993.

During this time he has served on active duty in Iraq and taken part in exercises in the USA and Canada.

As well as being the Quartermaster Sergeant for Alma Company, Kalvin works as a part-time Army Reserve recruiter and is also a part-time student on a Higher Education entrance course at Hull College.

He said: “I am proud of Matthew, following in my footsteps and as a recruiter I understand the difficulties of becoming an Army Reserve soldier and commitment needed to get through the process.

“It takes me back to my training, Matt says the hills are much taller now but that’s only because he’s shorter than me!”