New centre provides both home and work for homeless in Hull

The Orchard's second hand furniture store Credit: ITV News Calendar

A new centre to help people in Hull who are homeless has opened. The Orchard provides both somewhere to live and somewhere to work for up to 30 people who may otherwise have to stay on the streets.

The people who move in get a roof over their head in accommodation with room for 30 people and a job in the furniture warehouse run by the charity Emmaus Hull. It collects second hand furniture, cleans it up and sells it on.

"I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for Emmaus. That's the truth and since I've been with them I've got my driving licence back, I've qualified as a PAT tester now. I've got a purpose in life, something to look forward to, because before I didn't care. I couldn't care less, honestly, live or die, didn't matter."

Gavin Harrison, resident at The Orchard

For the first six people to move in, memories of their time on the streets are still vivid:

"It's hard. It's finding the right place to sleep on a night because things can happen to you. It's not good. With places like this which do help you get back into a working routine, get you off benefits, I'm happy to be here."

Stephen Shay, resident at The Orchard

The centre has been open for just over a month, the first like it in east Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Those who run it say for every £1 spent it saves the government £11 because those living there no longer need benefits.

"Some of the people that we have that have moved in here are from the Hull area and have hostel hopped, some of them for five or six years around Hull because they haven't settled and they've not been able to get a job or a home because sometimes the two don't go hand in hand when you've been in a hostel. We are here now to say we are very different."

Alex Slater, Emmaus Hull & East Yorkshire

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