Proud grandad Len reflects on family time with Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson's grandad has recently returned from a trip to Los Angeles where he saw proud new dad Louis looking after his baby son Freddie.

Speaking at his home in Doncaster, Len told ITV Calendar that Louis 'wants to be a great dad' and is learning very quickly on his feet.

Credit: Press Association

It also helps now that One Direction are taking an extended break. Len says his grandson gets less of the 1D madness in LA - but even in a town full of celebrities he still attracts attention.

"Some people were walking the other way and I heard them say I think that was Louis out of One Direction. And I was a bit behind them and I said yeah you're right"

Len says Louis is keeping busy, but missed his baby son terribly when he flew over to England recently for the Brit awards: "I mean the baby's very young, he's only two months old. So there's no real baby stories, apart from agaga agoogoo".

One Direction are currently on a 'planned hiatus' Credit: Press Association

Len has also once again assured 1D fans who fear the band will never come back with this message: "They will come back. Even if it's only to make a lot more money"

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