Toddler stands unaided after miracle surgery denied to her twin

A toddler in Hull has stood up unaided for the first time, just three months on from major spinal surgery for Cerebral Palsy. Ava Elborne is one of just a few children in the country to be given the treatment as part of an NHS trial.

Surgery which is helping her walk, but which her twin brother Louie was denied.

Louie's Cerebral Palsy affects his arms as well as his legs. He was turned down for the NHS trial because doctors feared the outcome of the surgery would not be as profound on him. Now though, friends and family have raised enough money to send Louie to America to have the operation privately.

But the family's fundraising continues to pay for physiotherapy and equipment to support Louie and Ava's independence in the future. Their father, Phil, has recruited ten of his friends to run the Manchester marathon at the weekend.

Ava and Louie at home with their parents, Emma and Phil Elborne Credit: ITV News

Louie will undergo the surgery in the United States in January 2016 which doctors hope will allow him to stand like his sister.

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