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Two men killed in light plane crash thought to be planning aerobatics

Two men killed when their plane crashed into a field were planning to do some aerobatics, it is believed.

Experts are trying to piece together what caused the accident Credit: ITV Yorkshire

The pilot and a passenger of a yellow light aircraft died when it came down close to Castle Howard in North Yorkshire on 10:40am on Saturday (30 April).

The plane was a Slingsby T67 Firefly and at least one report has suggested the aircraft could have been attempting to make a crash landing.

Police close roads near scene of light aircraft crash Credit: ITV Yorkshire

The names of the two dead have yet to be released; however, both were experienced flyers who had chartered the aircraft from the Full Sutton Flying Centre near York.

A spokesman at the centre said the men had been planning to do a local flight and a "bit of aerobatics" - something the plane was designed to do.

The spokesman said: "We were all a bit stunned when we heard what had happened - but flyers are a fairly stoic group."

Up to 20 firefighters attended the scene over the weekend to set up a foam blanket around the aircraft in case it caught fire.

Both an air and a land ambulance also attended the crash site where the plane landed, more than 200m away from the nearest houses.

The plane was still largely intact.

Experts from the Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) are now trying to piece together what went wrong with the flight and to determine whether the plane was performing any aerobatic manoeuvres in the moments before the accident.

Chief Inspector Mark Grange, from North Yorkshire Police, said it looked like the plane had come "straight down".

It's in a bad way and it's obviously come down heavily. It's sat on its underside so it has not flipped.

Whether they tried to land like that, I don't know.

I cannot say where they were going and what they were doing in the air.

Events like these are not common. We don't get many light aircraft crashes, but they do happen.

It's tragic for the families and our sympathies are with them."

– Chief Inspector Mark Grange, North Yorkshire Police