Street Parties: How to organise your celebration for the Queen's 90th birthday

Organisers of a huge party in Central London to mark the Queen's 90th Birthday in June are encouraging people across the country to hold their own street parties to coincide with the celebrations.

Thousands of people lined the streets of the nation in 2012 to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, and there is hope that similar scenes will take place during the weekend of June 12th.

There are several steps to follow if you plan on organising your own:

Tell your council

  • Give them between four and 12 weeks notice with the date and time

  • If the road will be closed and the road's name

  • If the road is on a bus route

  • If you you've consulted neighbours and if any businesses affected

Street parties were held across the country for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Credit: Press Association

Closing a road

  • Local councils will lend cones and signs to help

  • Make sure emergency services can get access

  • Inform any bus companies in advance

  • Some councils will expect you to inform emergency services yourself

You'll need to tell your local council if organising a street party Credit: Press Association

Obtaining licenses

  • Alcohol - no license needed if alcohol is free, but needed if being sold

  • Food - can be sold until 11pm without a license

  • Music - no license needed unless making money off entertainment

  • Raffles - upper limit of £500 prizes if tickets being sold on the day

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