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Beverley pensioner becomes first to leave hospital hours after hip replacement

Chris Walker is doing exercises to aid his recovery Credit: ITV News

A man from East Yorkshire has become the first person in the country to have a hip replacement and go home on the same day.

71-year-old Chris Walker had the operation at Castle Hill Hospital - and was then discharged just ten hours later.

The former electrician is the first of 20 people who have been selected for the new treatment program for hip and knee surgery patients.

Each will undergo intensive pre-op and post op physiotherapy at Castle Hill hospital in Cottingham.

It's intense so they have a home exercise program that they're doing and like I said they come in here once a week t be put through their paces a little more and to step up their level a little bit and from that they get to do more exercises at home that are tailored to their needs and their goals.

– Physio Emma Catterall
Chris goes back to hospital for physio once a week Credit: ITV News

The trial has been part-funded by Sheffield firm JRI Orthopaedics, which makes the Furlong hip implants used in the trial.

The implants are made at a factory in Sheffield Credit: JRI

The surgery for the treatment is exactly the same as any other hip or knee replacement , but makes use of new before and aftercare methods to shorten hospital stays.

Every day that a patient stays in hospital, it costs the NHS up to £400.

I'm sure there's the accusation there that we're trying to cut costs. That's not at all why we're doing it, we're doing it because we know there's a group of patients who would rather go home on their day of surgery and we want to facilitate that for them and we believe that's the right thing for them to do.

– Elizabeth Moulder Surgeon and Project Lead

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