NFU: it's vital there is early commitment to ensure British farming is not disadvantaged

The National Farmers' Union has called an extraordinary meeting of its governing body after the EU Referendum result. The president of the union has released a statement calling for an early commitment "to ensure British farming is not disadvantaged."

The NFU says its principles will be:

  • To achieve the best possible access Europe’s markets, which will remain extremely important to Britain’s farmers.

  • To get access to markets in the rest of the world, while ensuring we are protected from imports which are produced to lower standards.

  • To ensure our farmers and growers can get the necessary supplies of labour, both seasonal and full-time.

  • To build a British agricultural policy which is as simple as possible, adapted to our needs and guarantees parity of treatment with European farmers, who will still be our principal competitors. There must be a common framework of a British policy, while allowing a necessary degree of flexibility to devolved governments.

  • Regulations and product approvals must be proportionate and based on risk and science.