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Report dedicated to Jo Cox shows 326 per cent rise in anti-Muslim incidents

The report has been dedicated to Jo Cox Credit: PA

A report into Islamophobia that was due to be launched by Jo Cox says there has been a 326 per cent increase in anti-Muslim hate incidents in the last year.

The Batley and Spen MP, who was a prominent equality campaigner, was working in conjunction with the charity Tell MAMA on the report, called The Geography of Anti-Muslim Hatred, before her death earlier this month.

The document, which has been dedicated to her memory, says the charity received more than 1,100 reported incidents in 2015, adding that many were against women.

West Yorkshire was identified as one of the hot spot areas.

This report highlights in detail the impact on the ability for some Muslim women to conduct day to day activities without being targeted for anti-Muslim hatred.

With the heavy proportion of verified far right activists involved in anti-Muslim hate online, and with anti-Muslim hatred being confirmed at transport hubs in parts of our countries, the background noise of such hate needs to be tackled and tackled it must be. We simply cannot have such hatred fester in our communities and in our societies.

– Fiyaz Mughal, Tell MAMA founder

Today we stand in unchartered territory with a 300 per cent-plus increase in Islamophobic incidents in 2015. The statistics paint a profoundly bleak picture of the explosion ofanti-Muslim hate both online and on our streets with visible Muslim women beingdisproportionately targeted by cowardly hatemongers.

This exponential growth is testament to the fact that despite great efforts to fight anti-Muslim hatred, as a society we are still failing far too many of our citizens. With the backdrop of the Brexit vote and the spike in racist incidents that seems to be emerging, the government should be under no illusions, things could quickly become extremely unpleasant for Britain’s minorities.

– Shahid Malik, Tell MAMA chairman