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Ian Huntley's daughter: I will never meet my murderer father

Ian Huntley is serving a life sentence for the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman Credit: ITV News

The daughter of Soham murderer Ian Huntley has said she will never meet her father after revealing she found out his true identity after being given a school project on the killer.

Samantha Bryan was 14-years-old when asked to research "notorious crimes" connected to the Grimsby area, and stumbled across a pixilated photograph of herself and her mother on Google.

Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were killed in Soham

Her mother, Katie Bryan, met Ian Huntley when she was 15, but left him during pregnancy. She went on to marry Martin Bryan.

Samantha, now 18, said she was raised by Martin, whom she calls "Dad." The family live together in Cleethorpes.

She was granted anonymity by the courts, but gave the interview because she refuses "to be ashamed for existing".

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Samantha said she had no interest in meeting her biological father:

How do I feel about him? It makes me feel angry and it upsets me to know wheat he's done and how many people it's affected.

– Samantha Bryan

Samantha's mum Katie said she did not tell her daughter about Ian Huntley to protect her:

I didn't want to damage her. I knew it would hurt her a lot.

When she was little I was hoping that she would never find out who her father was and then he did that horrible thing to their too poor girls.

– Katie Bryan