Funding page for truck driver found dead in cab while working in Europe tips £10k goal

Paul Stephen Stanyard who died while working in Europe

A funding page set up to raise money for the funeral of a truck driver who died while working in Europe has tipped its £10k target in just two days.

Paul Stanyard from Wakefield was found dead in his cab at a service station in Ancona in Italy, when his company's tracker showed his truck had not moved for several hours.

Mr Stanyard was counting down to retirement and planning to move to Spain with his family. But now his family are raising money to cover the cost of his funeral as his company's insurance did not cover the cost of repatriation because he died of natural causes.

More than £10,000 has so far been donated on the family's GoFundMe page. Their plight was highlighted on Calendar yesterday.

Family launch funding page to cover repatriation costs after Paul Stanyard's death in Europe. Credit: