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Son of Britain's oldest pub landlord takes over her title

Frank has taken over the title of Britain's oldest landlord from his mother, Mabel, filmed here by ITV News in 1991 Credit: ITV News

A West Yorkshire publican is thought the be the UK's oldest - as he's still pulling pints at the ripe old age of 87.

Frank's mother Mabel, who made it into the the record books as Britain's oldest landlady Credit: Family

Staying sprightly runs in the family for pub landlord Frank Collins, as his mother Mabel made it into the Guinness Book of World Records in her late eighties for being England's oldest and longest-serving landlady.

Frank took over the running of the Dog and Partridge Inn in Huddersfield, just before his mother passed away in 2001 at the age of 95.

I will continue to work while I am in good health. I don't want to retire.

As long as I am fit, I shall keep going. It keeps my mind busy. In my opinion, if the mind is healthy, the body will follow on.

– Frank Collins

Incredibly, Frank, who spent two years in the navy from 1947-1949, runs two businesses - as he also owns a textile business called Frank Collins Textiles.

Frank plays the piano to keep the punters entertained Credit: ITV News

A typical day for him involves working at his textile business, coming home at 3pm for "tea and maybe a nap" and opening up the pub at 7pm.

Speaking about his mother, who he says had a good sense of humour, he said:

"Someone once asked her what her favourite thing about working at the pub was and she replied: 'When I stand at the door I get fresh wind from Blackpool', much to the amusement of locals."

– Frank Collins

Frank's father Jack bought the pub, known to locals as Mabel's, in 1956, but he died shortly after and Mabel took over.

At the time, a 27-year-old Frank helped out by pulling pints before he set up his own business.

He said:

"My mother was 51 at the time. She had come from Holland, where she worked in pubs, and when she came over her it was her life dream to run one."

– Frank Collins

Frank, who has never been married, inherited his 13 and 16-year-old nieces, now in their fifties, when his sister died.

After his mother died, Frank and one of his nieces scattered her ashes in the pub's car park.

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