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Police launch 'born-again bikers' safety campaign

North Yorkshire Police has launched a new motorcycle safety campaign to raise awareness among middle-aged male bikers.

The force have made an animated video as part of the campaign Credit: North Yorkshire Police
The number of motorcyclists who have died over the last ten years on North Yorkshire roads
The number of bikers seriously injured in the last ten years on North Yorkshire roads

Road statistics show that over the last ten years, 141 motorcyclists have died and 1,328 have been seriously injured on North Yorkshire’s roads.

In the last year alone, 60% of motorcyclists who have lost their lives on North Yorkshire roads were men aged between 40 and 49.

The data also shows that weekend riders are more at risk of an accident, and that 70% of motorcycle collisions are due to rider error with the main cause being loss of control on a bend or when overtaking other vehicles.

Nearly all of the collisions have involved a powerful bike with an engine size of 500cc and above.

North Yorkshire Police are encouraging riders to take courses to sharpen up their skills Credit: North Yorkshire Police

The month-long campaign aims to raise self-awareness about riders’ physical capabilities and increase understanding of the heightened risk to this group of middle-aged men, who have often purchased their high-powered “dream ride” after a long gap out of the saddle or are completely new to biking.

The force also strongly encourage riders to seek specialist motorcycle training on a BikeSafe workshop to greatly improve their safety on the roads.

To promote the campaign North Yorkshire Police has developed a “Born-again bikers” animated video.

Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick say they don't want to stop people riding Credit: North Yorkshire Police

In North Yorkshire we are blessed with some the most beautiful biking routes through stunning scenery.

Yet the stark reality is that 141 riders have died and 1,328 have suffered serious injuries over the past 10 years on our roads.

Our road casualty statistics clearly show that middle-aged men are more likely than any other group to be involved in fatal and serious injury collisions when riding their bike.

We don’t want to stop anyone from riding their bike, let alone the people who have reached a stage in their lives when they deserve to enjoy themselves and live life to the full. This includes going back to riding motorcycles and being the proud owner of a machine that was only a dream in their younger years.

What we do want is for you to be safe and get back to your family after a day on your bike. This can be achieved by booking onto a BikeSafe workshop to brush-up on your riding skills which will have become rusty over time. Also make sure your biking gear offers as much protection as possible in the event of a crash.

For those returning to biking after a considerable time away from the saddle, serious consideration needs to be given about the type of motorcycle you purchase.

Remember, motorbikes have got faster and your reaction times have got slower. Please don’t let your dream ride to turn into a nightmare.

Our advice is to take a realistic assessment of your physical capabilities and select a lower-powered bike instead. You can always graduate to a more powerful machine when your riding ability reaches a higher standard.

– Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick