Inquest finds Bradford woman stabbed by her partner after break-up was 'unlawfully killed'

Anthony Roberts and Guida Rufino

An inquest has heard how a mother-of-one was murdered by her partner in Bradford just over 24 hours after she broke up with him.

Teaching assistant Anthony Roberts, 37, repeatedly stabbed 38-year-old Guida Rufino, the mother of his young daughter, at her home in Cross Road, Idle, on January 31 this year,

Assistant Coroner Martin Fleming gave the cause of Miss Rufino's death as "haemorrhage due to multiple stab wounds and incised wounds".

Dr Richard Shepard, a forensic psychologist, told the inquest at Bradford Coroner's Court: "A deep incised injury across the throat caused damage to her thorax and major artery, which was the primary cause of death."

He said she also suffered blunt force injuries, as well as minor cuts and bruises to her chest, arms and legs.

He added: "The minor injuries indicated a struggle."

The assistant coroner recorded a verdict of unlawful killing.